Nico & Cassie

Nico & Cassie’s wedding wasn’t easy to get to. That was sort of the point.

By ferry, I arrived on Whidbey Island - a large island in the Puget Sound about 30 miles north of Seattle. Home to about 80,000 residents, which happen to include Nico’s parents. Their home, tucked deep into the woods of Northern Washington, was the setting for their wedding day.

Two Californians who choose to get married on a rain soaked island may have seemed like an odd decision to some. With places on the island with names like Useless Bay, Deception Pass, Double Bluff, Possession Point and Mutiny Bay, Whidbey Island isn’t a likely place for two people to fall in love. But once you start to peel back odd layer upon odd layer, magic is abundant on to the island. It’s the setting for Nico & Cassie’s love story - a place that they love to explore the driftwood strewn coastlines, find the perfectly tumbled skipping stone and take in the dramatic backdrop of the Olympic Mountain range. After spending a day on this strange island, 100 of their closest friends family now understand that magic and be found in even the most unlikely of locations.

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