A week in Nice

After an awesome and adventurous week in Paris, Lydia and I flew a few hours south where we arrived to blue skies in Nice (on the French Riviera). We took a bus from the airport into town where we found our way to our bright, clean and airy apartment in the heart of the Old Town.

Each morning we would wake up late, make coffee and sit at the dining room table eating fresh fruit and yogurt with our coffee. After taking our time with breakfast, we would wander down the narrow streets of old town towards the beach. We found that the baguettes at the Cours saleya were the freshest and warmest. We would buy fruit and vegetables either at the market or the corner store and eat it with cheese and olives on the beach. Typically we got down to the beach around noon or a little later. We would sit on the rocky beach and once we got too hot we would take turns jumping in to the Mediterranean.

After naps on the beach and swimming, we would wind back up through the busy, tourist-filled streets to the apartment. Happy hour typically consisted of cheese, crackers and Rose or light Belgian beer. Although it was the most touristy area we really enjoyed picking restaurants on the Cours Saleya because they were very lively and out in the open. We typically would order a bottle of Rose, share an appetizer salad and each have our own course of pasta or seafood.

One day we decided to head out of Nice and take the 30 minute train ride to Antiebes, where we visited the (sandy) beach and a Picasso museum. 

Nice was the perfect pace for us after a faster paced tour of Paris. 


Mark MirochaComment