Top 3 weddings of 2013

What a year it was for weddings! I had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing couples and their families this year. No wedding goes by that I don't find myself either a) getting emotional during the ceremony or b) unable to not dance when my jam comes on (Biggie does it every time). I LOVE THIS STUFF!

This year's wedding season had me flying, driving and running all over the place. From remote Colorado to a backyard in McMinnville, to Minnesota three times in four weeks, to a ceremony on a pier overlooking the Williamette and finally to a ad hoc ceremony in a wine fermentation cellar. 2013 was my best year yet! 

Below are mytop three most viewed weddings of 2013.

#3 Ben & Jill - 356 unique views

#2 Mandy & John - 611 unique views

#1 Devon and Rob - 1,317 unique views

A million thanks to all of my 2013 wedding couples. You are all so amazing!

Mark MirochaComment