Ellie Su

There is a certain bond that happens when I photograph a couple's wedding. When a couple hires me to be their wedding photographer, they give me their 100% trust to capture and document one of the most important days of their lives. We spend months and months of talking, emailing, planning and thinking about the wedding together. Then the wedding day comes, we spend 8 amazing hours together and then POOF it's over. They go on with their lives and I go on with mine. After the wedding is over, I typically never see the couple again... and it kinda sucks.

I photographed Lau-lei and Michael's spectacular wedding last fall at a vineyard outside of Portland. Shortly after their wedding, they moved down to California and had Ellie Su. When Lau-lei emailed me to tell me that they would be stopping through Portland for a short trip and they wanted me to take some portraits of 8-month-old Ellie, I couldn't have been more excited!

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