Hey, I’m Mark. I’ve been shooting weddings and families for the last 10 years in Portland.

A little about me.

  • I’m from Minnesota but have lived in Portland for the last 11 years.

  • I have twins - Jack & Audrey. They are the best.

  • My wife is Lydia. She is the most kind, patient, loving and thoughtful person I’ve ever met.

  • I love to travel. I lived in Buenos Aires for a short while during college and have fallen in love with the people of Ghana, the lifestyle of Copenhagen, the baguettes of Paris, the beaches of Nice, the back streets of Barcelona, the energy of New York City but nothing beats coming home to Portland.

  • I’m obsessed with pizza. I could literally eat it at every meal, every day. The best pizza in Portland is at Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty. Don’t @ me!

  • When I’m not photographing weddings, you can catch me wondering up and down Mississippi Ave., hanging out at Suttle Lodge, picking berries on Sauvie Island, shopping at Frances May or riding my bike to grab tacos at Por Que No.

  • If my TV is on, it’s usually tuned in to sports. My radio is always tuned to 91.5fm.

  • The National is the greatest band on earth. Kendrick is the best out rapper today (Biggie is still the GOAT). Anderson Paak always puts me in a good mood.

A little about my approach.

  • I approach photography like a conversation. The best pictures are not posed. I’ll talk you through ever part of the shoot, guiding you into the most natural and comfortable positions.

  • I’m pretty uncomfortable in front of a camera. Most people that I photograph are too. It’s totally normal. Making you comfortable is my #1 priority when I’m shooting. I’ll never make you do something you normally wouldn’t. A few directions that you’ll hear on our shoot are something like “pretend you’re walking down the street to a coffee shop” or “standing close together like you’re waiting in line to see a movie and it’s cold out” or “snuggle together like you do on the couch watching a movie”. I’ll put you in positions that are natural and realistic.

  • The best photos are captured as much with the ear as they are with the eye. I am an observer at my core. I love watching the way people interact with each other. The only way to capture real emotions is to talk and listen. I’ll talk to you through out our entire shoot - asking questions and telling jokes. At weddings, I’m always listening to the conversations around me to capture natural, candid reactions.

  • I’m not the best photographer in Portland. I’m not even close. But I promise that I’ll be the best communicator, the most well prepared and the most fun to work with.