Hello, welcome to my site. I’m Mark and I am glad you found your way here. I am a Minnesotan who has made his home in wonderful North Portland, Oregon. I’m a lover of beauty. Whether it be on a morning walk in my neighborhood, during a hike in the woods or while making dinner at home with my amazing wife, I’m constantly inspired by life's simple pleasures. One of the ways that I enjoy experiencing the world is by taking photographs. Most days I carry a camera with me. (On your wedding day, I’ll carry two!) I strive to take honest, meaningful and beautiful photos. I’m attracted to natural light and soft shadows. Quiet expressions and unspoken words. When people ask me what sets me apart from other wedding photographers, I often think about my ability to connect with and understand my subjects. I am an observer to my core. I love watching the way couples interact with each other. Seeing the way that an inside joke whispered in your bride-to-be's ear makes her throw her head back in laughter or seeing you geek out when your DJ plays your favorite song. I love capturing  all of the fleeting moments that tell your story.

When I'm not out photographing weddings, I love hanging out at home with my wife Lydia and our twins Jack & Audrey. If we're not hanging in a rustic cabin at Suttle Lodge, hiking in the Gorge or picking berries on Sauvie Island, you'll find us riding our bikes all over Portland. But really, most of the time we're either eating or thinking about eating. We love Friday night pizzas at Lovely's Fifty Fifty, tacos at Por Que No, burritos at Gonzalez Taqueria and bagels at Eisenhower. You might catch us spending way too much time (and entirely too much money) at New Seasons or dreaming about how we wish we could decorate our house with everything from Evoke the Spirit.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to meeting you and learning your story.